Revamp Your Cooler for Outdoor Parties!

Revamp Your Cooler for Outdoor Parties!
My hubbie and I are about to buy a new house and it’s got a basement that is ripe for converting to our new entertainment room. It has a garage door opening to it and we’re already hard at work designing that new space. I also wanted to make an ice chest/cooler like one I had seen that converted an old refrigerator into a cooler.  During my search for it again, I stumbled on one that I like even better.  Probably because it seems like it will be WAY easier to do. I like that!  Instead of using an old refrigerator, it uses an old cooler. You just build a frame around it and put legs on it and that’s it. Okay, it’s just a bit more involved than that, but the results are great!
Rustic Cooler Tutorial at Killer B Design
I found this at Killer B Design and there’s a great tutorial to show you just how to do it. I think I’m going to tackle this project once we get moved into the new space. I can hardly wait!! If I actually end up doing this, I’ll post my photos.


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